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 Challenge TDM Apply

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PostSubject: Challenge TDM Apply   Wed Sep 19, 2007 7:44 am

Clan Name:
Clan Leader/s:
Clan Site:
Match Wanted:
Weapons Wanted:
Preferred Server:
Do you have script?:
BugAbuse: 2 shots - 4 shots
Extra Notes:

Clan Name: [TDM] - Dark Mafia
Clan Leaders: Vortex, Spilot
Clan Site:
Date: 13.october.2007
Contacts: Vortex: beshow, Spilot: spilot
Match Wanted: DM
Weapons Wanted: Sawn off's, M4, MP5, AK47
Preferred Server::
Script: yes, we have our own script
BugAbuse: 2 shots - 4 shots
Extra Notes: -
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Challenge TDM Apply
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