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 Want to join TDM as not fighter?? Click Here.

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PostSubject: Want to join TDM as not fighter?? Click Here.   Sun Oct 14, 2007 4:49 pm

TDM are looking for members to help with any area of the development team please answer these simple questions:

Important Question

1. Nick on server:
2. Do you know HTML coding?
3. Do you know PhP?
4. Do you know mIRC scripting?
5. Do you know PAWNO scripting?
6. Do you know CSS coding?
7. Did you make your own site? if so give link:
8. Do you know any graphics programs?
9. Do you how to edit videos?
10. Do you work with JAVA scripting?
11. Did you make any script?describe it:

If any of the answers above are yes we need you!
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Want to join TDM as not fighter?? Click Here.
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